Top 5 Best Sites to Download Free eBooks

Reading books is one of the best ways to enhance knowledge on various topics. Reading books will not only increase your knowledge, it also helps you to improve your vocabulary as well. But with the arrival of kindle, smart phones, tablets and laptops, most of the people prefer reading eBooks instead of text books. Text books are always good, but it also difficult to carrying many books on the other hand there is no such difficulty to carrying of eBooks. You can carry thousand if eBooks in your smart phone, tablet or in laptop.
But the problem comes when we don’t know where we can get free eBook. To solve this problem here we listed few best sites to download free eBooks. These are the best website which will let you to download free eBooks in different categories.

Top 5 Best Sites to Download Free eBooks


EBooks – space is one of the leading free eBooks downloading website for technical and Computer savvy people. This site provides lots of free eBooks which covers topic such as IT, software development, Programming language, Databases, Photoshop and many more.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free eBooks and this is the best places to download free ebooks. This site contains more than 42,000 free eBooks and kindle books. This site offers to search eBooks in various categories. All these eBooks can be either read online or downloaded for offline reading.

Free Book Spot

Free Book Spot is a free eBooks links library where you can find and download free eBooks in almost any category. They have eBooks in more than 90 categories. You can find and download eBooks related to scientific, programming, engineering, fiction and many more.

Many Books

Many Books is another useful site for free eBooks downloads. This site has more than 29,000 ebooks available for Kindle, iPad, Nook and most other eBooks Readers. This site let you to browse eBooks by Author name, Genres, Titles and language and you can download them in different format.

Free Computer Books

Free computer books consists of a huge collection of free eBooks related to computer, programming, mathematics, engineering and technical book, lecture notes and tutorials. This site is very well categorized by topic with 13 top level categories and over200 sub-categories.

Some other best place to download free ebooks

  • Hundred Zeros
  • Get Free Ebooks
  • Free Tech Books
  • Scribd
  • Book Yards
  • EBooks Directory
  • Free eBooks
  • EBooks IT
  • PDF Books world


These are few best sites that allow you to download eBooks for free. From the above listed site you can get any type of eBooks that you want. So check the above sites one by one and fin your favorite eBook. If you think we missed any best free eBook downloads site then let us know in your comment.


  1. You have done an amazing work. Hats off. I would like you to add the website “” to this list. This is a treasure trove of all scientific works, books and research material which are extremely costly and unaffordable in India but are essential for research.

  2. Thanks for the list, I have used all of the ones you have lsited Except one

    “” is still the best in my opinion


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