Top 15 Best Blogging Communities to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog


If you are a blogger then you must be aware about traffic and its value in your blogging career. Traffic is really fundamental for every blog and to make your blog successful you always need traffic, without traffic you can’t get anything from your blog but now Most common problem faced by many blogger is that they are not getting enough traffic to their blog although they are publishing many articles and shares their article on various social networking sites and social bookmarking sites. Social networking and bookmarking sites are always good to drive traffic but these days blogging community also played a crucial role to drive massive traffic. Top 10 Free Responsive Blogger Templates

There are lots of blogging communities but today I’m going to reveal some best & top blogging communities from where you can get some referral traffic to your blog by sharing your blog post there. Not only traffic also you can make some quality backlinks from these communities as well, because most of these communities have high PR and high DA. So join now with these top 15 best blogging communities to drive massive traffic to your blog

Benefits of joining to Blogging Communities

Blogging communities can benefit you in several ways including …..

  • Increase in blog traffic.
  • Increase in Domain Authority (DA).
  • Improve your Alexa rank in short time
  • Get high quality Backlinks
  • Its help your blog post to rank in search engines to drive organic traffic.
  • You can learn many things from others post and can get new idea for your new article.
  • Meet a lot of active pro bloggers and get advice from them.
  • Build up following and a good readership of your blog.

List of Top 15 Blogging Communities To Drive Traffic

Here is the list of top & best 15 blogging communities that will help you to get massive traffic to your blog

Blog Engage

Blog Engage is the most popular blogging community in blogosphere. Blog Engage was found by Brian Belfitt in 2007 and now it has more than 4000 active bloggers. Although Blog Engage is a premium blogging community but believes me it is really worth to invest money for one time only. If you really want to interact and build readership with other bloggers then Blog Engage is the best place for you.


Kingged is a blogging community where bloggers share their blog posts in several categories and interact together by commenting. By using kingged you can drive some referral traffic and good comments in your post. It is very easy to use, just share your post URL in desire category with a good description and get kingged (vote). Not only traffic and comment also you can earn some money from knigged. Most of the bloggers use it including me and I use it regularly and the result I’ve got is very good. So join in this community ASAP to drive traffic and connect with your favorite bloggers.


BizSugar is another largest world level blogging community. Most of the bloggers use it to promote their blog post over worldwide. It’s very easy to use just sign up and share your post, but your first article go through moderation process and once your first article get approve then you are free to submit your another post.


Klinkk is a new awesome community founded by Erik Emmanuel. Most of the pro and newbie bloggers use it to drive traffic. It’s easy to join but after joining you cannot submit your post instantly, after joining you need to read and up vote others post then you can submit yours.


DoSplash is also a new blogging community founded by Jane Sheeba from ProBloggingSuccess. Many top blogger are in this community. But sing up is not quite straight forward, if you want to be a member then you need to send a request by filling up a sign up form and your account will be created manually in 2-3 days. From this community you can interact with your fellow bloggers which is helpful to increase your blog visibility in blogosphere.


Blokube is also one of the most famous and popular community for blogger. Many blogger use it to promote their blog post although it is quite same as above listed communities. The registration process is simple and it’s free.


Inbound is another great community which has large number of active bloggers. Just sign up and share your post, if you get high votes on your submitted post then your post get in to the home page and in return you will get massive traffic to your blog.


IndiBlogger is a blogging community for Indian blogger and almost all Indian blogger are in this community. It is free to join for everyone and similarly operated like other community, but after joining your first post will go through manual submitting process by Admin and after that you can post the blog post URL. Although it is similarly operated like other community but it also has some unique features like India Rank, Bloggers Meet, IndiForums, and IndiVine which makes it different from others. IndiBlogger is quite helpful to make new blogger friends around your cities.


ManageWP is a community for WordPress users. ManageWP enable people to freely share and vote on content about all things related to WordPress. So if your blog is related to WordPress tutorial then this community is heaven for you.

Blog Catalog

BlogCatalog is a social networking service for bloggers that allows members to submit their blogs and create their unique personal profile in order to find and communicate with other bloggers.

5 more Blogging Communities


That’s all friends. These are the top 15 best blogging community that will help you to drive massive traffic to your blog in a short time. If you are a newbie and struggling to get traffic to your blog then join all these top 15 blogging communities and share your post, I’m sure you would get positive result from the day one, but don’t spam in these community, if you spam in these community then your account may be closed by the Admin which can destroy readership of your blog.
I hope you like this article and hope you will join these communities ASAP. After joining on these blogging communities please share your experience with us. If you think I missed any other top blogging community and should have been added to this list then let us know in your comment.


  1. Hi Pabitra,
    blogging communities are a great way to get new connections and improve your audience. Also, you can market your content and get new targeted traffic.Thanks for adding Klinkk and for sharing there the post! 🙂

    • Hi Erik,
      Thanks for your valuable comment.I added Klinkk in the list of top blogging communities because its really a great community for bloggers.Thanks for this awesome blogging community.

  2. Hi Pabitra,
    Good to meet you at kingged Its really good to read this informative piece today. A must read to all bloggers. especially the newbies should go threw this post and join in some of the sites mentioned in. I am already a member to some of the sites mentioned but few are very new to me, I must do a visit and do the needful to increase my traffic. Thanks a lot for

  3. Joining in a blogging community has been one of the most recommended steps for you to promote your blog or business, for you to drive real traffic and quality backlinks and for you to gain online exposure. There are a lot of benefits in joining blog communities, and it already listed above.Glad was included in your list. Kingged has been one of the best and helpful sites

  4. Driving traffic to a blog is often an important factor for online success. It is important to define where this can really be achieved. The use of blogging communities to drive traffic is very effective since the blog can leverage on “targeted” traffic.The type of traffic gained from these communities are easily convertible, so, every blogger should leverage these

  5. Hi Pabitra,
    This is EXACTLY the kind of post I was looking for! I recently was introduced to Kingged, which I love and have really found to be extremely valuable!Now, I will take the time to join and engage on the other networks you listed.I have regularly used BizSugar, and have been a featured member, but will definitely check out the others on your list.

  6. Blogging communities can be extremely difficult to understand, especially to those who aren’t interested about joining and those who are doubting. However, there are many benefits in joining and it is a great opportunity for everyone in the community. One is the fact that you can share links with other bloggers who have similar blogging interests and even those with quite diverse

  7. I've been blogging for quite a while now and I get decent traffic on my site but still I think it could be more. I'm going to try out these blogging communities that you've listed here. Wish me luck! 🙂

  8. very useful article… Really i need this type of information and love to read you other article for more information. This type of information is very helpful for new blogger…
    i m very thankful to you for sharing this type of information….

  9. Hey Pabrita,

    Best list and I’m sure that by following this list any newbie can drive massive traffic of their blog.
    I really appreciate your effort and this list is what I’m searching for 2 days.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome list.


  10. Great work Pabitra,
    You just made a master list of blogging communities. Most of these blogging communities are known to me except Social Buzz Club and Spicy Page. I gonna try these too. Thanks for introducing me with these new and spicy blogging communities.

    Sincerely –
    MSI Sakib

  11. Pabitra,

    I thought I’d share one you may not be aware of:

    It’s an educational based blogging community that’s become the world’s largest multi-generational blogging community. It’s received some nods from, Mashable, etc. It’s especially rich with student writers, but a great place for bloggers to share their wisdom on life via personal narratives to a much larger audience.

    Hope it makes your list next time!

    Thanks for a great article!


  12. Great post, I found a few that I was not aware of. Also want to share one of mine if you don’t mind, you should definitely give Triberr a try, it works great with twitter engagement

  13. I have come to know the benefits of joining blogging communities, boy i gotta say blogging is not easy at all, especially if you are just starting up, there is a lot to know and do. I wanna ask must I be posting and commenting on these communities to get the traffic to my blog?

  14. After reading this post joined Kingged and I must say so much to read and share.And also they are providing commentluv option too.Indiblogger is also a must join community for Indian bloggers.Thanks for this valuable post.

  15. Great list of Blog Communities….Blogging Communities helps me a lot for driving traffics to my blog and also for getting backlinks…..Thanks a lot for sharing the amazing lists of Blog Communities. 🙂

  16. Just wanted to thank you for this great list!
    I’m going to have a closer look at all these communities to see which ones will work best for my blogs

  17. You did not include in your list. Blogulr is a new free blogging community but by far better than anything you have ever seen. You can even advertise for free. Check it out for yourself.

  18. Hello Admin,

    Nice List of the blog communities. I have been always hearing that communities help to gain good traffic to the blog. all we need to do is be active there. In order to do so I was looking for good communities list and my search end here as you have explained each and every community thoroughly. Thanks allot 🙂

  19. This is by far the most efficient list that I have encountered yet so far. Every blogging community listed in here is capable of generating massive traffic.

  20. Am a new blogger , visiting the blogging communities is like a wonderful experience on gaining knowledge about blogging … most of the time i visit klink, reddit want to spend more time on above mention communities thanks for sharing.

  21. Thanks Pabitra i am searching blogging community since long time but today i found this post on google search. Really it help me a lot thank a lot for your work. You helping me in a way that i can’t able to express my feelings. i am searching for only one or two platform but here you give me 15 blogging plateform to drive traffic. Thanks a lot for your work.

  22. Hi Pabitra,
    Definitely, blogging community is a great place to generate traffic to a site. I am in some of these communities you have listed in this article. And getting good results from Kingged!

    Anyway, i have also written an Excellent article about that topic. Would love to see your valuable comment on my blog too! Will you ?

    Happy blogging.

  23. Interesting article and very useful list of blogging communities. I have learned a lot about blogging communities from here. Blogging communities are really important for all the bloggers because if you join these communities you will get more traffic and build a good relationship with other bloggers. Thank you for sharing such an important article.

  24. this post is very helpful in this post i learn what are the blogger things. as a beginner i want to learn all this things to know better about blogging thank you for providing this info. i am glad that i already member of some of this communities like indiblogger.

  25. Hi pabitra!
    Great post about best blogging communities!
    Though i am not very active on some of the communities now but i think it is really very effective to be active on these communities to get traffic as well as blog’s growth!

    Anyway , thanks for the list!


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