Top 20 Best Horror or Scary Movies On Netflix 2017


Netflix provides the best services in streaming movies online, say it be action movies or horror movies and lots more. If you are reading this article right now, then you must be looking for some of the best horror movies of 2017. You know what watching horror movies brings so much of health benefits, it relaxes us from high amount of stress or tension. To give you goose bumps, we have gathered the list of 20 best Horror Movies on Netflix. These movies right now on Netflix network is a must watch by the viewers.

Basically horror movies increase our consciousness than ever before. Like whenever we go outside dark at that time you will always stay aware, as if something is going to happen worst? In this manner, you remain safe from the unwanted robbery or any unexpected things,which may lead you to a worst situation. So, let us have a read on the short description of the best horror movies right now showing on Netflix.

Top Best Horror And Scary Movies On Netflix 2017

1: Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

If you love to watch horror comedy movie then Tucker and Dale Vs Evil is the right choice for you. It is entertainingly horrific and good-spirited comedy horror movie. The story is about Tucker and Dale, and these two are the best friends and went on to spend their holiday at their decaying mountain house. These two men are wrong for the murderous backwoods hillbillies by a group of obnoxious, preppy college students. With the slight misunderstanding number of people dies in the movie of Tucker and Dale Vs Evil.

2: The Babadook

Just after the six years of the violent death of Amelia played by Essie Davis in the leading role. She is in brief and great loss and struggles on raising her 6 year old son named as Samuel. Son of Amelia has no discipline for her at all, creating a situation making him impossible to love. Samuel always dreams of a monster coming after them in an attempt to kill them both. All things started to happen just right after the reading the disturbing “Babadook book”. Samuel behavior began to get weirder after the Babadook begins to haunts in his dream. This is one of the top Horror movie on Netflix right now.

3: It Follows

It follows is one of the most striking American Horror movie on Netflix. After a weird sexual encounter, a teen girl figure out herself being haunt down by the nightmarish visions. She feels like she is being followed by something and needs to escape from whatever it is. To escape of these weird things happening on Jay’s life, her friends who are all teenagers must figure out a way to stop it.

4: Hush

Hush is an ordinary home thriller movie, and a story about women who lives into the woods. The character is a deaf she cannot speak, she cannot hear, and she is alone. One night a stranger guy who isa psychotic killer that keeps on stalking her, ends showing up in front of Author Maddie Young. The 2016 film succeeds despitemade a limited budget amount and the entire movies have almost no dialogue. The purposefulstorytelling and the creative use of sound in the movie is very impressive, and the silence is just enough to ramp up the tension. Hush is one of best Netflix horror movies.

5: Dead Snow

The movie begins with a group of eight medical students who decides to go on a ski trip, travelling into the Norway for discovering the Horrors live of Hitler’s. Dead Snow fulfills all the reasonable expectations for a horror movie dealing with zombie. The corpse of the Nazis rise from the snow covered while the students were on their ski vacation. You will get to enjoy all the bloody actions that you expect in any zombie fight movies.

6: Children of the Corn

This is one of the scariest movies on Netflix. Narrator Job played by Robby Kiger tells the story by relating with the tale of Gatlin. In the movie, the children were lead by a boy preacher named as Isaac, rises to slaughter all of the adults. All the incidents happen in a small American town where all the children of the local area start to kill all the adults’ people. Several years later, Job and then his sister Sarah played by Anne MarieMcEvoy give a hand in helping their friends, for escaping Joseph through the cornfields of Gatlin.

7: The Awakening

Awakening is all set in London in the year 1921, FlorenceCathcart is a character played by Rebecca Hall, who is the author of the popular book such as “Seeing Through Ghosts”. She has dedicated her carrier in exploring and studying the entire supernatural phenomenal occurrence, which is simply none other than hoaxes. Florence is haunted by her recent death of fiance, and then she is visited by Robet Mallory for investigating the death of all the students. Awakening is one of the scariest movie of all time.

8: Dead Snow 2: Red Vs Dead

Martin who has not got the chance to spend the best vacation yet, he has killed his girl friend with an axe in an accident. He then chops off his arm using a chainsaw, in the other side his friends are still battling with the Nazi group of zombies. Later on, Martin woke up finding himself with a newly arm fix and that is a powerful armed with super-powers.His new arm always wants to attack and kill someone nearby him and even after himself. Using martin super power arm he create an army of zed zombie to fight against the Nazis zombie.Dead Snow has been running as one of the successful movies on Netflix.

9: John dies at the end

John Dies at the end directed by Don Coscarelli released in the year 2013. It is a comedy, horror, Sci-Fi genre of movie. This movie is on the basis on the experience of the drug effect in a body. Into the street known as the Soy Sauce, the drug taker experiences different times of another dimension of the world.  From the travelling of different dimension most people cannot make it back to reality in human form, two college dropouts on the John David is on the quest to save mankind.

10: An American Werewolf in London

An American Werewolf in London is a classic tale of the werewolf which has been running as one ofhe best horror movies on Netflix. Here two American tourists on a trip to London get their lives changes. These two men were attacked by a wolf brutally in a complete full moon time, when they tried to take a shortcut road. David would find himself in a hospital with a wolf bite wound on his shoulder, later on every full moon night David turn into a were wolf.

11: The invitation

Unfolding over one dark evening in the hills of Hollywood, a guy named will shows up to his ex-Wife Eden and her new husband, on the night of David’s dinner party. By seeing each other, tensions get to start building up. The ex-couples past keep on haunting each other having an impact on the current situation, Amid weird looking behavior in the party will make the other guest, suspect the hidden reason behind the invitation. The invitation has been one of the most acclaimed cult horror movies 2017.

12: Room 237

In the Room 237 people have number of theories about the hidden meanings within Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. It continues to inspire debate and the mystery continued for more than 30 years even after the release. With the help of using the voice, movie clips and the dramatic reenactments the Room 237 investigators make research into 5 various points of view. Making the attention drawing into a new maze, where there is no way in and out as well.Room 237 is one of the document horror movies on Netflix.

13: V/H/S/2

V/H/S/2 is an R-rated horror, mystery and suspense movie, it is all about the dark house that is looms with a column of TVs plagued with VHS tapes. In the search of discovering out the clues trying to find out the missing students,the investigators found out the haunted footage captured in a web cam in a huge collection of videotapes. In the entire movie you will be getting all Goosebumps when you get to view all the scenes of the horrifying contents of each tape. At the end, all the investigators realize that there may be a touch of dark cult behind all the mess.

14: Baskin

Baskin is Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy movie on Netflix. It is directed by Can Evrenol. There is a five man in the story who are the member and unit of cops, when they began to compromise arriving in a creepier backwater town. The place is somewhere in the middle of the road to nowhere, suddenly a call comes up in the radio seeking for some backup. Later on this group of cops goes through a trapdoor into Hell, right at the moment when they stumble upon a black mass in an neglected building.

15: Never sleep again – The Elm Street Legacy

Never sleep again the elm street legacy is an award-winning documentary, and the movie is directed by Daniel farrands and Andrew Kasch. Letting you explore the origins of the scary dream where the dream demon known by the name Freddy Krugger, comes and hunt down till to death. Experience the most frighting and spin chilling moments in this horror movie on Netflix. The movie stars Heather Kangenkam, Stacey Alden and Erika Anderson.

16: Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow was release in the year 1999, the genre of the movie is American Gothic Horror movie. The lead role is played by Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane, the story is about Ichabod Crane and the Headless Horsemen with a twist in the tale. In the NewYork city, Ichabood works as detective who is gifted with the unorthodox tricks and penchant for gadgets make him well known in the society, among his co-workers.

17: Under the Shadow

Right after Shideh’s building is hit up by a deadly missile, at the time of war known as the war of the cities in between Iran and Iraq. According to some people says that the missile was curse and expected to be carrying malevolent Middle-Eastern Spirits. Shideh later on have an instinct believe that her daughter named as Dorsa, might be in under the changes of being possessed till she is under the building. This is probably the scariest Netflix horror movie 2017.

18: Ravenous

Ravenous is a story which is set in the early times of Mexican-American War. There is a group of the American armies who are stuck as they got trapped, somewhere in the middle of a terrible blizzard when one of the army named as Carlyle snaps and turns becoming the cannibalistic maniac. The movie is directed in the 1999 by Antonia Bird.

19: The shinning

The Shining movie is a physiological horror movie on netflix, which is directed by none other than Stanley Kubrick. It is a story of a man name Jack and his family, He moved into a hotel and the place is very isolated haunted with a brutal past. The evil presence in the house affects Jack and his family members too.

20: Hell Raiser

Cliver Robinson made his debut in the horror movie genre, and Hellraiser is one of his first full length movies which has gained high reputation from the viewers. In the story, an unfaithful wife finds out the zombie of her dead beloved. The Demon form hell seeking to pursue her dead lover, after he comes back from the sadomasochistic underworld.  This Netflix horror movie 2017 will probably give you nightmares.


These are the best 20 Horror movies on Netflix right now which are worth watching. All of these movies on Netflix network are guaranteed to scare your pants off. In case, if you have not created your account yet, get it done soon. Suppose you have not subscribed for the monthly subscription on Netflix network, subscribe it by today itself without wasting more time. Enjoy the best horror movies from the movie list one by one when you get time to watch sitting at your home.


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