Best Way to Get Traffic From Twitter With An Infographic


Today i will share you some best tips and tricks on twitter to get more traffic from twitter to blog/website. Today the will tell you “how to get traffic from twitter to your blog/website with an Infographic” Twitter, is one of the most used social networking sites in the world. Over 2 million people were online every time. So, what about.. if we used it to get huge traffic from twitter. Yeah, its a very good idea but in this you some techniques which i will tell you in this post.

After Facebook, twitter comes on second place in social media. Why is it so? because due to its cool and relief features. Twitter is now become interesting after its time line feature. Throughout April, Tricksforums received 2x more traffic from Twitter than any other referral source which shows that it can be done when you incorporate the right tactics. Twitter brings lots of US and UK traffic to your blog which helps you a lot in generate revenue.

Way to get traffic from twitter..

1. Ask readers to share your content through social channels {Twitter, Facebook. etc}

Majority of your readers won’t read your content and think “I want to share this.” That’s why you have to encourage them to share it.
After the Case Study of re-tweet, Dan Zarella proved that if you tell your visitor to re-tweet then over 50% of readers will do it. But unfortunately the truth is too many people just place the widget and they do nothing with it and had a hope in mind that readers will use it. You have to tell your visitors to use it.!


2. Start Using Hastages

Hastages are the base to get traffic from twitter and google+. In twitter #hastages are used as a keyword. So you should use a right keyword which will define your post. Don’t fill your Tweets with too many though because that will have a negative effect on how much traffic and Re-Tweets you could get.


3.  Mention Influences

You should do interviews, group interviews just mention the regular readers of your tweet. It will create great impression of your blog. The important thing is that you mention them and then tell them about the mention and ask them to share the post. To build a relationship with them here are some points which will help you.

  1. Interviews
  2. Always link to them
  3. Post round-ups

4. Bribe your Followers

You can easily increase a huge amount of followers by doing this. If you want to get viral your tweet then you should have to pay off your audience. By Introduce giveaway of a free accounts, Coupons, E-books or anything interesting.

5. Use Triberr

If you don’t get time to share your posts. Then triberr is the best  site for you. It shares your post in various social networks like twitter, facebook, G+. Triberr has lots of benefits like;

  •  Quality visitors to your blog.
  •  Targeted visitors to your blog.
  •  More comments and sharing.
  •  Auto social sharing.
  •  Increase reach of your blogs content.

You should try triberr today, even i am also using triberr during my exams and busy schedule.


To Get Traffic From Twitter may seem like an ultimate bogging beast, but if you do things right and the tips which I have discussed above, It will surely start to gain a lot of traction.
It take some time to understand but after all results will be very good and the faster you will get to where you want to be.

Now read this awesome infographic and please tell me how is it? and if you liking it then must share on your blog too 😉

Just read this infographic wisely and also tell us your views on our first infographic. “Best ways to get traffic from twitter



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