Fix YouTube’s This Video Is Not Available In Your Country


YouTube is one of the biggest sources of video entertainment, we all know that. With over 800 million unique visitors per month, YouTube is number 1 source of videos all over the world. According to recent reports 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute on YouTube. Along with videos, you can also watch movies online on YouTube as some channels allow you to do so. All videos on YouTube are uploaded by users of different part of the world.

There comes many times when you land on a YouTube video page saying Video Is Not Available In Your Country” or “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”. It’s not the YouTube who have blocked that video, but the content is blocked by the user who has uploaded that video. When you will upload any video on YouTube, then you have an option to adjust the geo settings and other regional filters.

YouTube This Video Is Not Available In your Country

Before some time, those videos which show Video Is Not Available in Your Country” error can be watched by adjusting the URL. That trick not works now. Here in this post we are going to show you some working ways by which you can watch blocked videos on YouTube. Moreover, these tricks will work on other geo-restricted sites like Hulu, Pandora and Spotify and you can Access any Blocked Websites

How To Watch YouTube Videos Which Are Blocked In Your Country

Watch Restricted Videos on YouTube by using Chrome and Mozilla Firefox Extension


Zenmate is a very popular and useful extension for both Chrome and Firefox. It works like a VPN. Its Complete change IP and Location and helps to surf internet anonymously. By using this extension on your browser you can unblock YouTube videos easily. And the most amazing part is that this extension is free though it comes with both free and paid but free version is enough to watch those YouTube videos which are blocked in your country. So lets check the steps

  • First of all download Zenmate Chrome extension or Zenmate Mozilla Firefox Add-on on your browser and install it.
  • Once you’ve installed it then a new tab will open on your browser and will ask you to activate Zenmate then click on Activate Zenmate. Also you can signup to get 7 days premium for free but if you don’t want it then close the tab.

activate zenmate

  • Now click on Zenmate Icon which will be top right corner of your browser and then click on Public location icon on Zenmate

public location

  • Now Change Location to United States and you are Done

change location

  • Now you’re your IP and location changed to United States and you can watch YouTube restricted video without having message that this video is not available in your country.


Hola is another great IP changer extension which is available for both Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.  It is a free extension which helps users to change IP and access blocked websites on any country and with the help of Hola Extension you can watch restricted video on YouTube. So let’s check the method.

  • Now it will ask you to change country then click on United States and your done.

change location hola

  • Now Hola will change your location and your YouTube link will reloaded and then you can watch that video which is blocked on your country.

change location hola

Also you can use VPN on your PC to access blocked sites and YouTube videos.

Access Video Which are Not Available In Your Country By Changing Video URL

If you on PC and facing YouTube restriction issue, then you can view that restricted video in 3 simple steps. Basically when a user clicks on a video on YouTube, then he gets redirected to his country’s server. So we will change the URL to make video work.

  • See the URL of the video you are trying to play. To ensure this method is working, copy and paste the URL in notepad.
  • Now you have to replace /watch?v= with /v.
  • Paste the new URL in address bar, and we hope this time it will work. If you are confused, then see below example for better understanding. Suppose if the URL of the video you are trying to play is

original url

  • Then you have to change the /watch?v=       .So your new URL will look like

new url

Solve YouTube’s This Video Is not Available on your Country on Android Using VPN

While watching video on YouTube on your android Smartphone or tablet if you get error like this video is not available on your country or uploader has not made the video for your country then you can watch those blocked video on YouTube by installing VPN on your Android Device.

Droid VPN

Droid VPN is one of the most popular vpn for android. This vpn will help you to unblock regional internet restriction, web filtering, bypass firewalls and browse internet anonymously. So just download Droid VPN from play store and install it on your device and then activate it. Now you are free to watch any video or access websites which are blocked in your country.

Hola Free VPN Proxy

As we discussed earlier about Hola Extension which can be used to unblock YouTube videos on your pc and also you can use Hola Free VPN on your android device to watch YouTube videos which are blocked in your country. It’s free and easy to use. Just download and install Hola VPN from play store and activate it while accessing YouTube.

Though there are many best free VPN Available for android but we discussed about only two but you can try other VPN.

Use Proxy to Access YouTube Videos Which are Not Available In Your Country

As you know Proxy is helpful in every situation on the web.  There are thousands of Proxy sites out there and those proxy sites helps to surf internet anonymously and unblocked restricted websites in your country and also you can watch those videos too which are not available in your country or blocked in your country. Here are few Proxy Sites

Though there are many proxy sites available but these three are enough to unblocked YouTube videos. Here are more Free Proxy Sites.


Video Is Not Available In Your Country is an annoying error which we get on YouTube. I think everyone should be able to watch each videos and movie on YouTube, but due to security reasons, some channels and users block regions. Above listed ways to solve “Video Is Not Available In Your Country” error are best, at least according to me. For me they are working fine. Though there are many more ways to access blocked YouTube content or unblock video that is not available in your country. If you are facing any problem, then do let me know about it via comments below. Do leave a comment too, if you know about any other way to fix this video is not available in your country YouTube error.



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