How to Add AdSense Ads Below Post Title and End of the Post in Blogger?

Google AdSense is the world no 1 contextual ad serving company and almost every blogger or webmaster use AdSense to monetize their blog. But after getting AdSense approval placement of AdSense ad play a crucial role in revenue improvement. You might have observed in many blogs (including my blog) AdSense ads at below post title and end of the post, but why I and other blogger use AdSense at below post title and end of every post? It is because placement of ad in this two spot increases CTR of AdSense. If you are wordpress user then you can place ad anywhere by using plugins, but if your blog is on blogger platform and you are a newbie then its little bit difficulty for you to place ad at below post title, but don’t worry today in this article we will show you how to add AdSense ads below post title and end of the post in blogger.

Steps to Put AdSense at Below Post Title and End of the Post in Blogger

  • Login into your AdSense account and create a new ad unit (recommended size for below post title and end of post is 728×90 and 336×280).
  • Now copy the ad code and paste it on Microsoft word.
  • Now replace all > with &gt; and all < with &lt; in adsense code. If you are confused about it then check the below image.

  • After that login into your blogger dashboard and go to Template >> Edit Template.
  • Search for the below code in your template

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>

  • Now paste the modified AdSense ad code in the following place

<b:if cond=’data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;’>
Paste Ad code for Below Post Title
Paste Ad code for End of the Post

  • Now save your template and check your blog, you will see AdSense ads at below post title and end of the post.

Note: Before doing anything into your blogger template, its recommends to backup your template because if anything goes wrong then you can reinstall it.


This is the simple process to put AdSense ad below post title and end of the post. Now it’s your turn to check which ad size works best for you. This placement will help you to increase your AdSense CTR and revenue as well. But if you want to make more money then you need to focus on your traffic and high paying keyword as well.
If you faced any difficulty in ad placement in your blog then let us know in your comment, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible.


  1. In WordPress, there are handy plugins to get this task done. And in case of blogger, from the process you described, it seems that it won’t be that easy, for newbies and laymen, I guess. But the little tutorial that you write will definitely prove useful to them. The use of screenshots wherever required has made following the article simple. But one should be careful while playing

    • Hi, Arun
      You are absolutely right that in wordpress there are some plugins to place ad code in below post title or anywhere. But in blogger its little bit difficult for newbies, but i think this article come handy to those newbies.

      • Thank you for some informative website.I have been on the look out for
        such information.Found it very much useful and I will make sure that I come back again and again

  2. Nice article post, I love coding a lot. Even in wordpress where more plugins are require, i ignore some plugins and go raw with code.This is one great advantage the blogger platform has over WordPress. Too much plugins kill blog loads and some even kill search engine visibilty. Some bloggers on wordpress don&#39;t know this. they just keep installing all kind of plugins.

  3. Quite handy I must say but the coding process could be confusing for newbies. If only Google can develop a plugin tool as it is in WordPress then it would be easier inserting Adsense or any features on Blogger blogs This comment was left in – the content syndication and social networking website for Internet marketers where this post was shared. Sunday –

  4. Hi pabitra,
    I like your article about adsense ad setting below title and at end of the post. Because many users not aware about it; You very simple way described how to implement this ad code.Thanks for sharing this useful information……..!!!I found this post on

  5. I have this weird error though. The ads appear on my newer posts but it doesn&#39;t appear on older ones especially on the most popular posts, would you know why this is? maybe has something to do with the ad code perhaps?

  6. Was really getting tired of searching and finally i get my reward for ad placing…

    Thanks for this article which really cleared all my doubts

  7. awesome bro !
    was searching for it for few days for my new blog got some other methods but they were hard but you method is easy from them and i am going to implement them right now 🙂


  8. Great tutorial indeed. What of how to place the adsense codes in the middle of posts? I’ll appreciate it so much. if you can as well write a tutorial about it so that I can apply it on my Business Blog –


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