10+Legal Free Movie Download Sites To Download Free Movies Online


Movies! we love watching movies. Across the globe, there are millions of movies which gets released every year. But since the evolution of technology took place there are many ways by which we can enjoy our desired movies. Now you can even get your favorite movies downloaded on your device to watch it offline whenever you want. But do you know there are different best legal sites to download movies which can help you to get your desired movies whenever you want? We all know there are different types of websites which are fake and are not legit.

But here in this article, we will only mention about those websites which are legit and are legal to download movies. Not only that we will also give you a vast discussion about those best legal sites to download movies and special features about those websites. These websites are been used by many and have gained huge appreciation among the people. So without doing any further delay let’s get on to the discussion about the most legal sites for downloading movies.

Top Legal Place or Sites To Download Free Movies Without Registration or Signup


We all are aware of this name. YouTube is the biggest platform where you can get a bunch of movies, other videos for free and also is one of the best legal movie download sites. There are many people who take full advantage of this platform to get the best of the entertainment. The unique design of this site makes users use this website easily and smoothly. With the help of different types of download managers, you can easily download your desired movies easily. This website comes with a search option which is situated just at the top of the home page which gives the user the freedom to download get their desired video easily.

The Internet Archive

If we are talking about an organized movie channel then how can miss The Internet archive. This best legal sites to download movies is organized very well, we mean to say the movies are set in their categories, like if it is a comedy movie it is set on that genre and if it is an action it is in the action genre. Not only movies you will get a collection of TV series too, which just elevates the feel of this website. Downloading movies from this website is very easy, just select your desired movie and click on that and you will see the download option by clicking on that you can easily download the movie.

Movies Found Online

The main attraction about this website is its amazing movie collection. Here you can get a bunch of movies with different types of genre. The website gets huge updates now and then. Not only movies in this website you will also find short films, documentaries and much more which made this website popular. Downloading movies is also very easy with the help of this site and most importantly this site is free to access and download any movies. The website gets a search option which helps the visitors to get their favorite movie easily.


This website is from SONY but unfortunately this website does not get much of the appreciation. To get access to the database of this website at first you have to log in and then you will see a huge collection of movies, TVshow, and many other things. Not only this, the design of the website is very simple and realistic, so you will be able to download your favorite movie easily from this legal movie download sites. Downloading your desired movies or videos from here is very easy as compared to that of the others. Not only download you can directly stream online too. The user interface of this website is very advanced.

Classic Cinema Online

As the name indicated here you will get all the old movies collection especially of the nineties and before. In thisbest legal sites to download movies, collection of the old movies are just too awesome with lots of black and white movies followed by lots of nineties movies. Even in this website, you will get a huge collection of older series which makes this one of the most loved websites. This is the best spot for people who love dramas. The website comes with a search bar too so that users can easily search their desired shows easily.

Popcorn Flix

This is a renowned online movie site where you can get a huge collection of movies and TV series easily. This legal movie download sites has something or the other for everyone. People from across the globe come to this website and download their desired TV shows and movies easily. Downloading movies from this website is very easy just click on your desired movie or TV show and you will get the option to download. Just click it and the download process will start.

Top documentary films

As the name suggest this best legal sites to download movies has a huge collection of document films. We know there are many people across the globe who are just too fond of documentary films and we would love to suggest this website to them. The website is designed in such a way that the users find easy to download and go through this website easily. The Home page of the website is filled up with all the latest documentary films and is always on the updates process. Users can even view their desired movie through online with the help of this website.


Hulu is the best place for you if you love spending time with movies and TV shows. This best legal sites to download movies is having the best collections of both movies and TV shows, and every movies are placed in the correct place. So searching even the old movie is not a big deal in this website. The only issue is that this website is premium which means you need to pay some amount each month you are using Hulu website. But overall this is the one of the best movie downloading website legally. Here you will find all kinds of movies like thriller, comedy, romantic and much more, but you will get only the best collection of Hollywood. So if you are a fan of Bollywood movies or any other then this will not be the best movie downloading website for you.


This website is the best alternative to YouTube, as you are getting all the features of YouTube in Vimeo too. When it comes to best online streaming videos or movies then there is no other better than Vimeo. But in downloading purpose also, Vimeo is one of the best, as it is having the best collection of legal movies in its database. From this website you can download any kind of movies in many resolutions like 720p, 1080p and much more according to your wish. Not only movies, you can also download videos and TV shows from this website legally. The best part about this website is that it is for free of cost and you can also stream movies or videos in this website for free of cost. So these are all the features that this website has ranked in this position of best legal movie downloading sites.


If compared this website would be the simplest legal movie download sites where you can download legal movies for free of cost. The website design is very simple and looks like a simple blog, just like in the picture given below. Like in the movie downloading website, here also you will find movies of every genre like comedy, romantic, romedy and much more. The best part of this website is that you will even get best Bollywood movies collection in this website to download legally. So this will be the best movie downloading website if you are a Bollywood movie fan. Overall the website is amazing, as it is having all the features that a movie downloading site needs to have. But the only issue is that you will not be able to see any movie poster in this website, so you need to be very careful while picking your favourite movie.


Another simple free legal movie downloading sites from where you can download your favorite movies for free. This website design looks little similar to the Open Culture website, as this website too seems to be a normal blog. Here in this website you will find that every movies are placed in their perfect category, so finding your favorite movie from this website is no more a big deal. The best part about this website is that you will get legit download link with no irritating ads on it. Overall looking at all the features of this website, this is also one of the best place to download legal movies for free.


So these are all the list of the best legal site to download free movies from where you can download your favorite movies, TV shows and even games in free of cost. The entire website listed here are having some similar features like movie details, legit download link and much more. The most amazing part of all this legal movie download sites is that the interface, it is made so simple that everyone can download their movies on the go. So what are you waiting for, if you are want to download any of your favorite movies then pick any of the websites and download movies for free of cost with no issues. But if you are having any queries then you can drop your question in the comment section below.


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