12 Legal Free Movie Sites To Stream Free Movies Online


Streaming Movies online is now becoming a trend for today’s generation. And there are hundreds or maybe thousands of free movie streaming sites available on the web. But did you even try asking the question whether these sites are legal or not? The real fact is that most of the movie streaming sites available out there are not legal and this is a big issue for those who love streaming movies without downloading. There are few risks of streaming movies on this site. As these sites are illegal, there is chance that you might also get penalized for using these illegal sites. These may also get taken down at any given moment. So, what is the permanent solution here?

If you notice carefully then you would find that we have mentioned that most sites not all sites. There are a few legal sites that let you stream movies online for free without downloading. And today in this post we will be providing you with a list of those legal sites. Well, the sites that would be provided here won’t contain all the latest movies because all new movies are copyright protected. Another fact is that you might be well acquainted with some of these sites. The list of the best legal free movie streaming sites has been provided below.

Free Legal Movie Streaming Sites 2017 To Stream Free Movies Online Without Downloading


YouTube isn’t just known for its entertaining short videos, educational, motivational and other game play videos but is also known for streaming movies too. YouTube is the first site that you want to visit if you want to watch a movie online. And being available for many OS platforms like Android, iOS, java and many more, YouTube’s official site is the far most used site to watch blog videos, movies and short films on the go. The best feature being, YouTube offers streaming movies for free. But you can also get paid movie streaming if you want to enjoy watching the latest movies in high quality.


watch movies on crackle

Officially launched by Sony, Crackle is the one place where you can enjoy streaming HD movies for free. Not just online movie streaming, you can also stream your favorite series, stories and many original contents that you won’t find anywhere else for free. Crackle is one of the mostly used sites for streaming free movies as they offer apps for android, iOS and many other platforms. You can even get Crackle for your Smart TV, gaming console like Xbox, PS or any other streaming devices.

Classic Cinema Online

As the name implies, Classic Cinema Online is the site where you can visit if you want to stream movies and watch online. With Classic Cinema Online you can stream from a variety of movies like silent, vintage, classical and many more. And so, if you are searching for the perfect site to stream all the old movies that you want o stream for free. So, what are you waiting for go ahead and visit Classical Cinema Online to watch movie with you family members too as they offer family friendly movies to be enjoyed with family with popcorn in hand.

Internet Archive’s Movies

Internet Archive offer with many things that you can download from and when you move to the Moving Image Archive you can stream from a lot of movies. You can virtually stream from over thousands of movies from even the most famous sites like YouTube, TV shows, Short films, horror, and Silent movies. You can also stream free video which are posted publicly and use them on your own videos or blogs. Choose to stream movies online from the feature films which can offer you with many amazing movies that you can watch right now.

Free Movies Cinema

With Free Movies Cinema site you can enjoy streaming movies for free and also in a legal way. Free Movies Cinema also helps people to publish their own movies independently. With Free Movies Cinema you can choose to enjoy short films, classical movies, series, and many more. You won’t return empty handed with Free Movies Cinema as you will be able to find all the movies that you want to watch right here from one single free movie streaming site. So, go ahead and start streaming all the contents you want for free.

Popcorn Flix

watch movies on popcornflix

IF you want to stream and watch movies online for free legally then Popcorn flix then can be your best choice. Popcorn flix is a free source to legally stream movies online. Owned by Screen Media Ventures, Popcorn flix is free source for TV shows, series, movies and many more original contents. With Popcorn flix you can stream from their official site or choose their official app to stream from your android, iOS and many other OS platform app that they have launched to offer faster and more flexible movie watching experience. Choose from a huge category of movies like action, comedy, horror, drama, family, romance etc.


MoviesFoundOnline is an official legal site for streaming movies online for free. With Movies Found Online you can choose to stream any movies that you want to for free. If you want you can even register with Movies Found Online to receive notification of any new movies launch or even request for a movie that isn’t there on the site. Movies Found Online is totally free to use and can be a great option if you are searching for free and legal sites to stream movies which includes movies like animation, documentary, short films etc. You can also stream contents from YouTube and Vimeo.

Online Short Films

As the name implies, With Online Short Films site you can choose to stream from over thousands of short movies. So, if short movies are something that you enjoy watching then this is the perfect site for you. Online Short Films helps you to stream free and legal movies without any lag. You can choose from a lot of categories as well as resolution of the movies and watch watching movies even if you have a show internet connection.

Movie Zoot

Movie Zoot is a free as well as a legal movie streaming site online. With Movie Zoot you can stream free movies which are mostly classical hits. There are a lot of category to choose from and so even if you are watching oldies you will find a movie to watch for free. You can even choose to stream TV shows and series. And so if you are into watching all the classical movies from 80’s, 90’s and so on you can get whatever you want to watch from Movie Zoot. So go ahead and visit Movie Zoot to enjoy free and legal classical movies when and where you want to.


With SnagFilms you can watch from over 5000 different categories of movies. All these movies are also free & legal to stream from and so you don’t have to worry about any legal issues like downloading a VPN or proxy changing. You can also choose to watch TV shows, documentaries and much more if you don’t want to watch movies. If you really liked the Snag Films official site then you can choose to download their official app which is available for smartphones and many other devices like, smart TV, streaming & gaming consoles.

Retrovision Classic Movies

Yet another source to compete with your thirst for classical movies. This site is definitely for those who are into watching classical and old movies. You can choose from over 3000 different movies. There are over 25 different categories of movies to choose from for these classical movies and so you are really into classical movies then Retrovision Classic Movies can be your new bookmark. If you are Google Chrome user then you can even add in the new add on offered by Retrovision Classic Movies to easily access the movies you want to stream.

Top Documentary Films

IF you are into watching documentary movies then this site can be a great choice for you. The Top Documentary Films site offer you with the best documentary movies of all time, so if you are into oldies documentary then this site can help you out and also if you are into new documentary movies then Top Documentary movies can also help you out. So, go and visit the official Top Documentary Films site to start streaming movies for free and also not to forget that all the movies here are legal to stream from which means you will not need a VPN or proxy sites to access these sites.


So, these were some of the best legal sites to stream free movies online without downloading. Apart from these there are other free movie sites too. But we would recommend that you check out the site mentioned here before moving to any other sites because there are the top sites. You can use these sites without the fear of facing any copyright issues. Another benefit of using these sites is that here is no need of registering or signing up on any of these sites to watch movies. All you need to do is punch in the name of the movie in any other these sites and you are good to go. Hope these would be useful for you.


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