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Torrent is the best places to find and download large file like movies, videos, software, HD Video songs etc. Now a day Bit torrent is one of the most used P2P network and millions of file will be shared in this network daily. Most of the Torrent users rarely can change their habits of downloading files from torrent. During past year uses of torrent is dramatically increased by a large number and also numbers of best torrent sites are down due to piracy. But due to large number of torrent sites available on the internet it’s hard to find best torrent sites.


Also it’s hard to get good torrent files as many torrent sites are serving fake and malicious torrent file which may harm your PC. To get rid of this problem we’ve done a research for best torrent download sites and got some Top and best torrent sites of 2017 and here we are going to share those top torrent sites list. From these sites you can download any think that you want like movies, songs, software, games etc and those sites are trusted torrent sites and provide good quality torrent files to download, so not need to worry about fake torrent files. The list is based on traffic rank, Popularity, quality of torrent files and our experience with those torrent sites. On some of these listed site you can upload your own torrent file which is created by you and you can share with your friends So check this out of best torrent sites 2017.

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What is Torrents Actually are

But before going to the best torrent sites list of 2017, let me explain you what actually torrents are and some terms which related to torrent such as Seeders, Leeches and Peers.

  • Torrent: – A torrent file is nothing but a small file associated with specific content related to downloading file. But the downloading speed of torrent totally depends on seeders, leechers and peers. Seeders: Seeders are those who uploaded the file.
  • Leechers: Leechers are those who download the file
  • Peers: Downloading the file and sharing are known as Peers.

logo-ioThere are some sites from where you can download the torrent to cloud and one of them is Bitport is a site which helps you to download torrent to cloud Torrents are downloaded by the Bitport servers, no one can see your IP address or any other information. Also with Bitport you can stream movie or video online without downloading. You can access your file from anywhere from any device and you not need to install a torrent.

Now check the list of best torrent download sites which is given below.

Top 15 Best Torrent Sites of 2017 – Most Popular Torrent Download Sites

Kickass Torrent

Kickass Torrent is number position in our list and it is one of the best torrenting sites available right now. it was launched in 2009 and now Kickass Torrent is the most popular, biggest and best download torrent sites available right now for users. The torrent data base of this site is much bigger than others and it has excellent library of torrent files. The best part of this site is their comment and feedback system, the user community watches the quality of torrents and offer their recommendations and warnings. It offers download the torrent files in categories like movies, music, software, Anime and others. Kickass torrent is blocked in UK and Italy but it’s continued to grow and it is the best torrent site in UK and it’s the most searched term.


Torrentz is one of the best torrent sites. But unlike other sites its not a torrent download site and does not host any torrent file and not provide torrent file to download. Torrentz is a fast and free torrent search engine that indexed torrent file from different sites and show, when user click on torrent file its redirect to other torrent website to download torrent file.  Torrentz has multiple domain extension and most of them are country based but it’s famous with domain. Just perform a search using its search bar it will show you every site from where you can get your torrent file.

The Pirate Bay (cloned)

Original The Pirate Bay was the most dominant TOP and Best torrent sites over the world where any user can upload and download torrent. But after owner got arrested, the original domain was taken down however there are several copies and clone of this site which maintain the traffic. Here we’ve attached a cloned version of Pirate Bay. Here you can easily search for any kind of torrent like new release Hollywood and bollywood movies , software, Games for PC Mac PSP, HD Video song, Music etc.

Extra Torrent

ExtraTorrent is one of the most popular and top and best torrent sites with millions of visitor per day and most of the user land on it after searching torrent file from torrent search engine or any other search engine. ExtraTorrent continues to expand and gain more traffic day by day. Extratorrent has huge data base in each category. Now it’s become one of the best and most active torrent communities.

ISO Hunt

ISOHunt was one of the top and best torrent sites but it was shut down by MPAA on 2013 and it was down. But after shut down of , was launched on 2013 and its started to gain traffic. Though this site is not affiliated by old isohunt but we hope it will alive for long. This site getting millions of hit per day and has huge list and categories of torrent.


1337X is one of the Top and best torrent sites or torrent download sites. According to 1337x “it was started to fill an apparent void where it seemed there was a lack of quality conscience ad free torrent sites with public trackers”.  Originally this site was started with .org domain extension but now they have dropped the .org and now it’s continue with domain. They’ve huge database and on homepage you’ll get popular software torrent, popular movie torrent, popular games torrent, popular TV Shows torrent, international featured torrent etc which helps user to get most popular torrent file easily.

Torrent Hound

TorrentHound is one of the most popular, top and best torrent sites. It was founded on 2007 and continued gain traffic and popularity from the day one. Currently it has a very big giant database of torrents. At the home page you’ll get detail information like Total torrent, total trackers, total seedes, total leeches, visitor per day, total downloads per day etc and after that you’ll get most viewed and most download torrent sites in last 24 hours. With this torrent download website you can get good quality torrent for free.

Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents  is a best torrent download sites and it has been there for several years but was not too much popular. But now it’s regained its position due to its huge data base and quality of torrent file. From here you can download good quality torrent of movies, software, games and more. Also its provides torrent categories like Movies Torrents, TV Shows Torrents, Music Torrents, Games Torrents, Applications Torrents, Anime Torrents and Others Torrents. The UI of this site is attractive.


BitSnoop is another best and one of most popular torrenting sites which have a big database of torrent files. This site provides good quality torrent file to download. From bitsnoop you can download anything you want like games for pc mobile mac xbox PSP, movies, software, HD Video and more. Everything is good on this site but popup ads are annoying every time.

Torrent Downloads

TorrentDownloads was founded on 2011 and continue gain traffic. Previously it was not too popular to the torrent users but now it’s one of the popular torrent download website over the world. Torrent Downloads provides good quality torrent on several categories. On the home page you’ll see popular torrent with good seeds and leech on several categories like TV Shows, Movies, Games, Anime, Software, Books and other torrent.


Monova is another and one of the best torrenting sites. If you use torrent search engine like then it will refer you to Monova torrent site. From this torrent download site you can download good quality torrent file with good seeds and good leech. The Home Page of this torrent site is clean and provides a search bar where you can search your torrent file easily. Also it provides torrent in categories like Latest, Audio, Games, Books, Photos, Software, Video and Others.

Torrent US

TorrentUs is a new Bit torrent search engine but it works similar to Torrentz. They provide easy and most convenient search features for Bittorrent network through many torrent site just one click.  TorrentUS has 4118538 verified torrents in index. They indexes 22312093 active torrents from 46 different torrent download sites. It has clean navigation which helps to find any kind of torrent files very easily.

Torrent Box

TorrentBox is a rather new but very powerful and one of the best torrent sites that provides a simple download of verified torrents. The site offers easy navigation through various categories, about 3 million torrents indexed, detailed content information with comments and reviews.

Torrent DB

TorrentDB is the ultimate database filled with lots of torrent files from over the whole network. They index the network for newest files daily and add them into the catalog. This site offers fast torrent search and browsing in categories. It provides torrent content, quality, rating, seeders and lechers of every file.

Mini Nova

MiniNova was founded on 2005 but it’s not much popular torrent site but it’s quite Good torrent website than other. With this torrent download site you can download good torrent file of Movies, Songs, HD videos, Software, Games and many downloadable files. On this site you can browse thorough groups like Anime, Movies, TV Shows, Games, and Software etc. Also you can upload a torrent file here very easily.


These were the best torrent sites of 2017. There are lots of torrent sites available and number of torrent sites increasing day by day and here we’ve listed few of them because these are trusted, most visited and best torrent download sites available right now. These sites provides best quality torrent files with good number of seeds so not need to worry about fake or malicious torrent files. So visit any of the above listed best torrent sites and download your favorite torrent file.


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  2. Thanks for sharing this list. After the ban of torrent sites, Its really hard to find good torrent sites. Most of the new sites don’t appear on Google results. Thanks again! 🙂

  3. I am using very frequently these torrent site’s to download movies and TV shows. By the way I need to try some torrent site’s which are in the list. ????


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