Watch/Stream Or Play Torrent Movies And Videos Without Downloading


These days torrent is most popular and widely used by internet and computer geeks. Every internet and computer geeks love to download their favorite movies, software, games, and eBooks from the web and Torrent is their favorite place to download these things for free. And in torrent downloading process uTorrent playing a crucial role from the beginning though now we can download torrent file using Internet Download Manager but still some people prefers to use uTorrent to download torrent files. But sometimes we faced problem with torrent movies or videos because after downloading some movies or videos are not playing or having low quality also some contain fake torrents of videos, movies or software and it’s little bit difficult to identify good torrents with quality videos.

Generally we use torrent clients like Bit-torrent or IDM to download movies or videos from torrent file but the torrent clients or IDM does not let us to preview it so we can’t determine whether it’s good or bad. But what if we can watch the torrent movies or videos without downloading like we watch movies on movie streaming sites isn’t it good? Then we can easily determine the quality of the videos or movies before downloading or not need to download at all if we watch them online for free.  So today we are going to discuses about some tools by which you can watch or stream torrent movies or videos online without downloading.

Watch Torrent Movies and Videos Online Without Downloading with ROX Player

ROX Player is an innovative and powerful media player that let you to watch or stream audio or video files onto your PC/Mac directly online without downloading the whole torrent file. However, you should have fast internet connection, so that you can watch or stream videos or movies easily without much of buffering.

  • ROX Player is fully compatible with Bit-torrent too which enables to watch or stream torrent movies or videos without downloading.
  • Integrated network modules allows ROX player to play torrent files at any time and any place in the internet.
  • It support all major audio and video codecs and supports variety of protocols includes IPTV, DHT, and P2P that makes it possible to stream or play online videos.
  • Unlike other media player ROX player is totally free and there is no registration required.

Steps To Watch or Stream Torrent Movies and Videos without Downloading

  • First of all go to ROX Player’s official website and Download Latest version of ROX Player.
  • After downloading ROX Player install it in your PC like other application.
  • Download your torrent file from any best torrent sites
  • Now Run ROX Player then click on File > Open torrent and then choose torrent File, torrent URL or torrent Magnet Link.

open torrent file

  • After you have imported torrent file or link, it takes 40-60 seconds to start the stream depends upon your internet speed. So wait few seconds and give the software some times to buffer the file and load the video.
  • That’s all and you are all done.

Tips for Best Performance with ROX Player

Here is the some tips that will help you to get best performance with ROX Player.

  • Try to use torrents having much seeders. That will help you to speed up the buffering process.
  • Visit Plugin option of ROX and check for add-ons, because some add-ons are very useful.
  • ROX Player will not stream fake torrents, so use a good verified source to get better qualified torrent files.

Stream Torrent Movies and Videos Online Without Downloading with Ace Stream Player

Ace Stream is a new innovative media platform available for windows for free. It has hell lot of features which will bring new multimedia experience to you. Aces Stream allows users to watch and listen torrent audio videos online without downloading in its original quality and to watch torrent movies or videos you not need to register or sign up. So follow the below steps

  • First of all you need to download and install Ace Stream Player on your windows PC . To Download Ace stream player CLICK HERE
  • Once you’ve complete download double click on set up file to install it on your pc. But before doing it close your all browser because Ace Stream Plugin will be added to your browser so it will interrupt you to close browser and restart so better you close all browser and once installation complete restart browser.
  • Now download your favorite movies or video’s torrent file from any top torrent sites and save the file on your desktop
  • Now Run Ace Stream Player it will looks like VLC Media player.
  • Now click on Media then select Open File

open file

  • Next Navigate the video or movie torrent file that you’ve already downloaded in your PC and open it .
  • Now Ace player will start streaming the video or movies and you can watch it without downloading the file in your PC.


These were two methods to watch or stream or play torrent movies and videos without downloading them into your PC. By watching torrent video online you can save your HDD space and your precious time from being wasted in downloading the video or movies. Hope you like this. If you face any problem then feel free to ask us in your comment and we’ll get back to you shortly.



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