1. Its working Thanks for this free premium zbigz account and you’ve provide it without survey that’s the best part


  2. Thanks for sharing zbigz premium for free. All others sites contain survey but you shared it without survey. its amazing and helps a lot

    Thanks again

    • password updated again .. some one changed the password. i dont know why .. i shared it without survey or anything but you people using it wrong way… if password changed again i’ll permanently change the password or will add survey.

  3. Password Changed.Please Reset the Password and give us again..THanks in advance. But WHo changed the password u r a Cheap man

  4. Please bro give me password ….I am downloadin a 5gb file half of it’s complete if i cannot get the pssword my data will be wasted….

  5. Please bro reset the password. it’s not working …half of my 7gb files completed. if i cannot get the pssword my data will be wasted…

  6. After activation as premium user please don’t delete others upload. Sometime it takes long to upload a poor seeds/leechers torrent file if u delete then its very hard to upload again while as a premium user there is no limitation of your uploads. So, plz don’t delete them.

  7. every time i upload a 4.37gb file & it takes more than 10 hours but unnecessary some one delete it randomly. i don’t understand why. as a premium user a person can upload as much as he can, there is no limitation but why they delete others file! please folks, don’t erase others uploads because it takes money & time both.

    • one more thing as a premium user you dont have to wait on zbigz website to uploading files. just upload and close the site check after sometimes once it cached then download. And yes my request to all my users/friend don’t delete others files from the account and don’t change the password. if you maintain these two things i’ll renew this account every month for all of you and will provide for free all the time without survey.

        • password reset again .. i don’t know whats wrong with you guys. I bought Zbigz premium account and shred here for all of you for free without survey. but you guys continuously changing the password and its not possible for me to reset the password each n every hour. I was thought to give this account for free for forever but after this month I’ve to think twice

  8. pls kindly reset password

    somebody changed it again.

    Is there a way you can lock it, so that people don’t go around changing it?

    • some people does not like free things to share they want to own the account so they are keep changing the password .. i reset the password not it will work

    • bhai log password change kar deta hai.. but don’t know why .. i’m giving you for free without survey and not even put ad on this page yr .. think about it

  9. Hi Guys

    Read this Carefully if you guys don’t stop changing the password then i’ll change it permanently i’m totally fed up by resting it each and every hour so i’ve no choice. Let me tell you something who’ve changed the password … by changing password you’ll never own the account bcuz i’ll reset it you fool ..if you don’t have money then beg for an ac i’ll give you but if you thought you’ll own this account by changing password then your are biggest fool of this world.

    This is the last time i’m resetting the password but if you do it again i’ll delete all the files from the account and change the pass permanently . So now its up to you guys you use freely or change the pass and if you do then you’ll know what will happen



  10. Who the creepy is changing the password ? these guys are such a foolish people . bloody b*sterds . Admin please update it

  11. Someone change the Password 🙁
    This is the only Premium Account on the Net that have no Survey.
    Please don’t change the Password.

  12. some people think if they change the password then they own ur account..
    sale loosers.plz don’t make it public…
    use for ur own

  13. this is the first time i opened your site on 26/8/2015 and this user name and password for zbigz is not working can u please mail me the user name and password once you get it right
    thanks and waiting for your mail


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